Are you interested in marine ecology?

Are you comfortable using power tools?


We are looking for 4 people that are available for a “Day of Caring” on Friday 5/11 from 8:30-11:30 AM. We will be constructing “Beal Boxes,” which allow juvenile clams to grow without the threat of predators like invasive green crabs. We have all the tools and supplies–we just need your help to build them!


Learn more about the boxes:
  • Beal Boxes — also known as predator exclusion boxes — have the potential to increase clam settling/survival rates by raising juvenile clams in protected conditions and then releasing them, leading to increased clam production and harvest.
  • Beal Boxes can also be used to evaluate high priority areas for restoration projects.
  • This project is part of a larger Marine Sediment Monitoring program to address ocean acidification issues on our mudflats.
  • We will have all the materials, tools, and safety equipment needed to make the Beal Boxes next to our office in downtown Ellsworth.
  • Beal Boxes are made primarily from wood strapping and heavy-duty window screens.

Interested? Please visit our EVENT page on United Way of Eastern Maine’s website to sign up!