Browntail Moth Removal Tree Pruner Loaner Program

February 2022 is Browntail Moth Awareness Month in Maine.


Browntail Moth are an invasive insect which damages trees and ecosystems, and their caterpillars can harm human health with their toxic hairs.

Winter is the best time to remove overwintering webs of Browntail moths.  The caterpillars are active mid-April until early October.  The hairs remain toxic for up to three


Follow the link here to ME DACF for more information about Browntail moth and how to remove them.


Browntail Moth caterpillar. Note red dots on rear segments.

Browntail moth nest close up, and location at end of tree limbs.

Browntail moth overwintering nest, located at the end of branches.

Photos courtesy of ME DACF.


During February and March the District is offering free use of a tree pruner for Hancock County residents who would like to remove nests from their property.  Please contact the office at 207-667-8663 to arrange a time to pick up and return the pruner.  You may also email  Help us reduce the number of these invasive insects in Hancock County! 


The 16′ extendable tree saw & pruner is available by appointment.

We will ask you to sign our Equipment Borrowing Policy and Liability Waiver.

Please watch this video prior to borrowing.