Abrahams Pond Watershed Protection Project, Phase I (2019-2020). Franklin and Eastbrook

Over the past two years a Watershed Protection Grant helped facilitate remediation of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution identified during 2016’s Abrams Pond Watershed Survey. The survey identified 34 NPS sites, of which 14 were associated with private roads and 20 with residential properties. Each site was given a rank of high, medium, or low. Landowners requested 24 site visits for technical assistance. Four voluntary grant cost-share agreements were signed, involving 9 NPS sites where erosion and sediment control best management practices (BMP) were installed. Seven were high priority sites (4 road, 3 residential) with the other two (1 residential, 1 road) ranked medium priority sites. Two of the sites involved were identified in the watershed survey as contributing the greatest amount of NPS pollution to Abrams Pond. Approximately $131,000 was raised for Phase I of this project, with 60% contributed from the 319 Grant and 40% from private sources.

Much remains to be done though. During the watershed survey and this project, a number of other pollution runoff sources were identified. Additional landowners have expressed interest for technical and financial assistance for their property. The Town of Eastbrook has been granted more Watershed Protection funds for a Phase II to carry on this important, community-led conservation initiative through 2022.
Funding for these grants, in part, is provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. The funding is administered by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection in partnership with EPA. EPA does not endorse any commercial products or services mentioned.