2022 Fish Sale for Private Pond Stocking


Maine Association of Conservation Districts is working with Micmac Farms as the supplier of brook trout for private pond stocking.  Please be patient while we work with our partners on the details and delivery for 2022.  The tentative delivery date for delivery by our District is Monday, May 9, 2022.

If you would like to place a Spring 2022 fish order check back periodically to place your order on line. Please sign up for our District E-Newsletter to be on the list in the future.

Please check and update your IFW Stocking Permit to be sure your pond is approved for brook trout*. A valid permit is required at the time of pick-up.  

We will be learning more about the size of the fish in the next few weeks.

We are able to offer the same prices as last year: $3.50 per fish, $6 per oxygen bag (maximum trout limit of 20 is recommended). 

The tentative pick up date is Monday, May 9, 2022.  The time of pick up is to be determined.  Pick up will be at our new location with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation service at 474 Bucksport Rd., Ellsworth. 

Please continue to check our website and our Facebook Page for updates.

* The number of fish a pond can support is limited by water temperature, food supply, depth and surface area.   Surface area is a good starting point to estimate capacity starting at: 50 (4″-6″), 40 (6-8″), 30 (8-10″) fish per 1/4 acre surface area. Food supply and water quality such as that is colder temperature and increase carrying capacity.  If you are unsure about brook trout’s ability to survive in your pond, we encourage you start small or keep a record of pond water temperature at it deepest location or monitor for dissolved oxygen during the July, August and September.


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